About Me…

My vision is born from a deep sense of gratitude for all life. I strive to be an accurate conduit, sharing my appreciation for God and His exquisite creations. My intention is to reveal the clarity, vulnerability, wisdom and beauty I experience, through art and poetry.

The section, Diary of a Seeker is a series dedicated to an adventure I was warned not to take.  I awoke, three nights in a row, to a voice telling me not to go to Rome… Did I go? You ask.  I had yet to listen to divine guidance…so, yes, I did.

The latest edition to my blog, Walk With Me, is an open invitation to journey with me daily, weekly, monthly in those moments in nature. All for the purpose to connect soul to soul. Me to you, you to nature. With every fibre of my being, I believe God speaks to us through all of His creation.

Thanks for visiting,






3 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Hi Judi,

    Contemplating your amazing pictures is a very rewarding and soothing exercise . This is my second visit this week, and I intend to revisit as part of my ongoing spiritual discipline. Thank you so much for presenting your testament online. It brings joy, a very lovely sort of gentle joy.

    Cheers and serenity,

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